sábado, 13 de noviembre de 2010

First instructional DVD : Tango Argentino - Basic Principals

3 classes in One DVD

nstructional DVD of Argentine Tango.
Basic principals and basic movements of Tango. How to lead, how to follow, structure of Tango, learn the elements to improvise!

Teacher: María Trubba Assistant: Pablo Corleto

Audio: Spanish
Subtitles: Suomi / English

3 classes in 1 DVD!

Lesson 1 "lineal movements":
posture, walking technique for men & women, lead & following, walking "in front" or "outside", the cross, the embrace, elegance and rythmics.

Lesson 2 "pivots & ochos":
Pivots: how to lead & how to follow them, the work of the embrace in pivots, ochos: back & forward, combinations, technique & structure. How to improvise & mix the movements. Rythmics in ochos.

Lesson 3 "Giros" (turns):

Men´s giro : structure, lead & follow, combination with woman´s ornament in the giro, directions of turn. Woman´s giro: how to lead & follow, "code of turn", directions of turn, combined with men´s "planeo" (ornament). Rythmics in the gyros.


if you are intrested on offering this product to your students/group please contact me via mail, there are special prices for dealers.

María Trubba